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Monday, February 3, 2014

Freshly Picked Moccs: Boy Approved

When I first started using Instagram, I kept seeing these posts about "Moccs for a Year" and 1). I had no idea how to repost the image and 2). This post was everywhere! Finally it led me to Freshly Picked Moccs and I'm truly glad that though I didn't win the "Moccs for Year," I have been continuously inspired by the type of small business Susan Petersen and her team have built over the years. There is something to be said about a company that has transcended the culture of children's fashion along with creating a genuinely intimate relationship with their clientele.

So when I had the opportunity to do a review on the Freshly Picked Moccs, I couldn't pass it up (and a million thank you's for this). I figured that for this review I would break it down from my entire experience. So I will be covering the following: Customer Service, Presentation, Item Quality (fit, durability, workmanship), Cost or "bang for your buck" and, Cons.

Customer Service: I actually contacted Freshly Picked after seeing their request for bloggers/partners to review and/or do giveaways with their product for 2014. Within about 48 hrs or so one of their staff, Stefanie, emailed me back. She was extremely friendly and personable through the entire process. Sent me the forms I needed, and extensively asked me if I needed anything to contact her. Truthfully I was probably asking too many questions, but she obliged me nonetheless. After receiving my final email for the moccs I received them right on time for this review and yes...giveaway!

Presentation: The moccs came in a manila packing envelope and the beloved muslin bag with the logo and pin. Is it okay to say I was really excited? I mean I made sure I had time to sit down and soak in the fact that I was about to unravel the drawstring and see my little chocolate moccasins? The presentation is simple, but you don't really need a lot going on with these little sewn beauties. Plus, I like that you have something to place the moccs back in. My husband is a shoe freak and insists on daily shoe care (I'm not joking) so he was even impressed that we could put the shoes away after each use - mind you this may last this week unless my husband remembers to put them back in the bag...

Item Quality: This is my favorite part... I know that the concern undoubtedly about Freshly Picked is the fact that they are expensive. Which often is why people may opt to buy a cheaper version of them (but I will touch on this at the end). However, these shoes are 100% leather and machine stitched by a real person.
  • Fit: I was afraid that my son's long and narrow foot wouldn't fit properly into this type of shoe. As instructed I used the foot graph provided to determine his size. When I placed the shoes on his feet, they fit exactly like his best pair of shoes he normally wears. After two days of non-stop wearing (and I mean this kid didn't want to take the shoes off) I noticed how the shoe has begun to mold to his foot. I also noticed that they did not once come off, which has been a problem with slip on shoes for him. 
  • Durability: Kai ran, skipped, jumped in these shoes for two days. I purposely had him in the grass and mud to see what these shoes were made of. Not only did they survive my little boy's 18 month adventures, they cleaned up nicely. Mind you this is leather, so wear and scuffs may occur - however, there are leather cleaners/restorers available if you're neurotic about keeping them a certain way. I will allow the photos to speak for themselves. Kai did not hold back at all.
  • Workmanship: Before even placing them on Kai's feet I looked at them. My grandmother was a professional seamstress and though I am not, she taught me what she knew. The lines are crisp, there are no loose threads, the cuts and seams are done to handmade perfection. There is a flap in the mid section of each shoe for the foot to breathe, which is great since the shoes are leather and I'm sure can cause stinky feet. I am being extremely truthful when I write this (I did not get paid promise). These are quality shoes...hands down. If I've learned anything in life, you get what you pay for whether you spend $20 or $60 (unless you're thrifting). 

Cost: Are Freshly Picked Moccs really worth it? That's the real question. I know, I got my first pair for free. However, I struggled with this as I've genuinely loved this company and the humility to support and grow others who share the heart of small business. I can honestly say that I would buy a pair after this experience (you can hold me to that). Yes that's $60 for a pair of shoes for a child. In the interview I had watched a while back with Smart Creative Women, I was intrigued by Susan's remark that her moccs are "unapologetic-ally expensive." You don't say something about a product you don't believe in. There is a sense I get about the entire community of Freshly Picked lovers that tells me it's not just the moccs that keep you coming back...it's the company of loving mothers and a CEO that actively gives back to the same people that have supported her. So are you just buying moccs? Not really. You're buying a piece of a dream and a vision. You're buying a mother's ability to teach her child the same principles that will one day allow them to do the same for their children. Sure you can buy the cheaper version, and there is nothing wrong with that don't mistake what I'm saying. However, I've noticed that even other moccasin makers pay homage to Freshly Picked. It isn't always necessarily what you say about yourself that creates your reputation.

Okay so lastly the Cons: The only two cons I have to this product would be there aren't grips on the bottom of the shoe to create traction. Though Kai is an excellent walker, I did notice it took him a moment to figure out how to walk in the moccs. I was afraid (because as a first time mom I'm always afraid of something) that he was going to fall, but he didn't and was able to make it work all on his own. The second con I don't know necessarily if it is, but if your child has rapidly growing feet you may want to purchase these shoes early on from 0-6 months or at an age where you can really get some use out of them. 

These shoes are perfect for infants/toddlers where heavy sole shoes are not always the best option as your child is learning the art of balance and walking. I will note that I do believe these shoes are designed for this age range. Just a little side note.

I hope that this review is helpful to you as you make your own decision at the brink of purchasing a pair of moccasins. As with any purchase, it's an investment. These shoes I would refer to as heirloom investments, pass them on to a dear friend or your next child...they'll last.

This product was provided by Freshly Picked, however, the opinions and photos are solely mine. Thank you so much again to Uplifted Photography for the photos!!


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  1. I don't have a twitter account but entered on instagram .I would love to try this mocs. And like I seen this post everywhere until I got to freshly picked ive heard so many good things about Susan.